We are pleased and happy to receive you to a delightful exciting activity of a lifetime!

Our way of thinking at Zajezdy Dovolena is that a really fulfilling vacation to an additional way of life should take in more than just taking in the places of interest.

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Each one of our themed trips and instructive tours are fashioned with the purpose of immersing our visitors in the traditions entirely – to make you become speechless with sensation at the loveliness of your ambiance and feel the kindness and fascination of the cities and the community in your souls. We desire for our guests to have remarkable experiences they will not be able to forget for the rest of their days on Earth, and leave this amazing, exquisite and wonderful place with the culture and traditions in their hearts.

Thailand - Phuket




We provide memorable moments

Nothing like most of others tour companies presenting vacations based on the World Wide Culture, we, beyond doubt, will throw yourself into you into on a daily basis locals’ life, not as a sightseer, but as an extensive component of our family unit, which has had a well-known attendance in this field for many decades. We are expert in bounce travel around operative in C6B journey buy and sell, and also connecting in outbound voyage with some particular attractive destination within continents and seas.
We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have shared a natural life flanked by astonishing countries and traditions. As a local of one of the most attractive place made available by our agency, it seats me in the only one of its kind spot of being capable to please my guests with the vacation of their dreams. We are about to take you to some hidden villages where the locals greet and receive you into their homes and families with open arms and warm souls. By picking a dream holiday with our company, Zajezdy Dovolena, you are assured to visit some special places, get together with incredible genuine people, and involve yourself in exceptional activities shaped purposely for our groups that desire to cross their limits and go far away from the actions accessible to the community.

Zajedy Dovolena

O ur furthermost happiness, pleasure and reward is bearing in mind the fact that one can see the joy and happiness on your face

while you are here, in the heart of the unknown, watching you enjoying your holiday to the fullest, and talking and sharing your once in a lifetime incredible experience! We are preparing you great surprises, nothing dangerous but still thrilling, days spent with young and full of life locals as well as old and wise tribe leaders which will have a special story for each and every one of you.

We will help find the perfect holidays for you!

April 4, 2017 6:19 am

4 Signs That Your Hotel NeedsAircon Servicing

One of the most important components in your home or office still remains your air conditioner and that is why it is necessary to take care of that unit and know the indicators when you require aircon servicing. An aircon service is important to keep your aircon working at its best performance.

Theseare the signs that show that you need an aircon servicing:

1.) Whenever you find out that your air conditioner does not generate cool air at all even when put you put it at its highest levelor when it is not cool at all. This terrible performance is a sign that there is something wrong in the cooling system, making it important for you to have an aircon servicing.

2.) If you put on your air conditioner and it automatically shuts off in a couple of minutes, it only means that there is something not right in your unit and you would require an aircon service. Always remember that your air conditioner system always needs a consistent supply of electricity. If this issue happens to your air conditioner, there could be a problem in your aircon unit that hinders the flow of electricity

3.) Anytime you notice that your air conditioner produces strange noises and also has a nasty odour. The bad smell that comes out of your air conditioner could sometimes mean that something might have burnt in your air conditioner unit. While the strange noise could be a sign that something is wrong with the system of your air conditioner and it definitely requires a service

4.) Also, if you find out that your electricity bills have become way higher than they used to be and you believe that your air conditioner seems to be the major reason for the increase in your power consumption bills, then the time is set for you to call for an aircon servicing. Your airconditioner will always remain a valued investmentso you have to take proper care of your airconditioner unit.

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April 4, 2017 6:19 am

Getting A Company Secretary For Your Travel Business

Many people might have the misconception that working as a company secretary is an easy task and that it would not require so much knowledge or skill to be very efficient at it. However, this is nothing close to the truth. There are a lot of things involved in the job of a secretary. He or she needs to be well-informed on the legal matters that operate within the business and also take control of vital governance and financial concerns. This is the reason why many people who aspire to be company secretaries can attend a company secretary course in order to act as an added advantage to their tertiary education.

There are some few crucial characteristics listed below that every company secretary must have in order to make sure that they perform well at the job.

Exceptional Organization Skills. The company secretary should be properly organized. This is a particularlyimportant need to ensure that there is a smooth flow in the company board meetings and also to guarantee that all important information or correspondence is properly communicated to the right people.

Honesty. The secretary is fully aware of all the financial records and investments of a company. He or she also could also have access to these particular funds, as there are other duties that relate to the funding and investment that the secretary has full control of. This is why it is very important that he or she is very honest.

Problem Solver and Critical Thinker. One of the major tasks that are assigned to a company secretary is to create company policies and guidelines. He or she is expected to be a vital source of advice and guide to the board on matters of good governance and ethics.

Legal Proficiency. As earlier mentioned, the company secretary handles all the legal issues and the compliance of a company. Therefore, anyone that wants that position must properly understand the legal procedures related to the business. This also includes the proper tax management, human resources and also insurance matters.

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April 4, 2017 6:16 am

Corporate Gift Giving: A Great Way To Entice Travel Agency Customers

The idea of offering freebies to potential visitors or clients to an office has been in existent for some time. The idea of enticing huge partners or customers with more exorbitant gifts of goodwill has even been existent for a longer time. Corporate gift giving appears to have been woven into the business world fabric, however, those who struggle to jeep the phones ringing and computer screens lit might wonder on a consistent basis whether the cash they spend on a corporate gift is truly well spent.

Does corporate gift giving truly yield results in the end? The answer for the majority of businesses is that it does, however, all of these conditions must be met:

  1. The gift has to be carefully picked for the intended recipient.
  2. The price has to be commensurate with the gift bought.
  3. Some thought needs to go into who gets the gift and when.

Corporate gift giving is not always about coming out with a big box of t-shirts and spreading them around to people who happen to walk by at that time. Some huge companies might still offer corporate gifts due to the fact that they get good prices by purchasing lots of their gifts on a large scale. Smaller establishments might limit their bulk orders and take a more cautious route when it comes to their gift giving.

A smaller establishment on a low budget will possibly be better of offering a corporate gift of high quality to specific recipients. Higher quality here doesn’t necessarily mean very expensive. Establishments that order in bulk can get awesome gifts for only a few bucks per one and there are some fun gifts that could be gotten for a buck per one as well with some corporate gifts distributors.

For example, a majority of the people have gotten a lot of corporate t-shirts they don’t even look at the logos anymore. Those same people might get excited when they are given a USB port due to the fact that they can really use that.

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April 4, 2017 6:16 am

Find the Best Hosting By Country For Your Tour Guides

There are a lot of factors involved as far as trying to look for the best hosting by country that is perfect for your needs is concerned, however, you have to know some things first before you sign anything. The first thing you have to know about is the kind of uptime the establishment has on a regular basis. As far as uptime is concerned anything over 99.8% is okay however just because an establishment promises this does not guarantee that the company will deliver therefore the first thing you have to do is visit the various web hosting forums and carry out a thorough search and ask for information around concerning the establishment that you presently have interest in going with.

After you have arrived at two or three dependable establishments you could then carry out a price comparison. You should take into consideration things such as whether or not the hosting establishment is in the nation that you plan on getting the majority of your business from and how much disk you would be getting as well.

For instance, if you have an online shoe establishment that sells majority of its shoes to Americans and your website happen to be hosted with an establishment with its IP address in England then the main search engines will not allow you to be high in the American versions of the search engines meaning that you would only be getting or generating traffic that will never convert. This represents one of the most overlooked parts that majority of the website owners don’t have a clue about. Make sure that your web hosting establishment also has its IP address in America in the event that you are selling products in America.

Another very crucial issue when it comes to the best hosting by country is whether they have domain registrar services as you could then bundle the full package of hosting and domain under one establishment.

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April 4, 2017 6:15 am

Offshore Hosting Services: For Your International Tourism Websites

Picking the correct web hosting provider is not an easy task. There are a lot of hosting service providers nowadays thus making it difficult to opt for the best. An awesome web hosting establishment should be able to meet up with all the normal requirements as far as hosting services are concerned. However, with the high prices, a lot of people have turned to offshore hosting services due to the fact that they are only reliable but also cheaper as well.

Advantages of offshore web hosting service

Offshore web hosting providers are very affordable yet they provide similar hosting plans as those that are obtainable in the US and Europe. The majority of the offshore web hosting service providers give awesome services at rates that mirror the standards of living when it comes to those nations.

A lot of people opt for web hosting service from Pakistan and India. The reason behind this is that both countries are relatively advanced in technology.

Clients are certain they would get awesome quality services at low overhead costs.

But, don’t depend completely on the low prices. Ensure that you also take a look at the quality. Just because offshore hosting is increasingly gaining popularity doesn’t mean that all of them are okay. Don’t sign an agreement with a foreign host due to the price only. When picking an establishment, there are a lot of factors that must be considered.


Location is very important. The rate at which your clients can swiftly access your site is dependent on how close the website host is to them. Therefore, ensure that you check the server’s location because it makes a difference always.

Highly supportive client personnel

The majority of the offshore web hosting providers possessthoroughly trained customer service. They are always happy to assist and also provide good services. Offshore web hosting service providers know that they have to work extra hardthan website hosts in Europe and the US in giving better services. Unfortunately, offshore hosting has some disadvantages as well. Hosting in nations that have varying time zones can be very frustrating.

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April 4, 2017 5:48 am

Anonymous Hosting: Get Offshore Hosting For Your Travels and Tours Website

Many people around the world don’t really know the meaning of offshore hosting. Some people have an incorrect definition of it and some don’t have any idea about what offshore hosting is at all. When you first get to know about offshore hosting and anonymous hosting, a lot of users will imagine it to an illegal hosting, black hosting, bad hosting and etc. In actual fact, it doesn’t really means bad, it’s something hosted outside the United States of America (USA), theyare not affected by DMCA complaints as regards copyrighted content.

The benefits for you to host your data when it comes to an anonymous hosting provider is to boost your data privacy as well as an international presence that would be appreciated by your client.Anonymous and offshore are almost the same ascomplete freedom. The majority of the offshore hosting establishments still get your information, pry into your privacy and prompt you to make use of your credit card. When you use anonymous hosting, it deals with all of this and offers you a really private business environment.

Offshore hosting and anonymous hosting can be referred to as a service that is offered to individuals and establishments who are in need of enhanced privacy. There are a lot of genuine reasons to maintain complete privacy, for instance, you might want to put an end to the effectiveness and efficiency of individuals associated with domain-related spam, discourage identity theft & fraud, prevent stalkers, harassers& data miner from being effective, guard your identity when the security of your job is at stake, put a stop to being harassed by abusive spouses, maintain privacy if you are a popular person and to gain privacy as well when exercising your maiden amendment rights of free speech.

So as to fulfill all these kind of hosting need, usually the service provider will host their servers in numerous locations in various countries, the most common nations that they’ll host their servers will be Singapore, India, China, Malaysia, United States and Hong Kong.

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April 4, 2017 5:48 am

Hunts International Removals: Professional Removal and Moving Service for Office Relocations

Fresh opportunities do not knock every day and immediately you realize you have to make that huge move, you must do it as soon as possible. That’s in the event that it’s just you and your suitcase. You are lucky. But what is going to happen if you have furniture with you as well? That is what a removal and moving service such as hunts International removals are for. They will make things much easier for you believe it or not.

If you are presently in London and/or other major European cities planning to move out then you are on to one of the numerous life-changing experiences you will definitely love — this can be very exciting and overwhelming which is why we cannot emphasize more that you have to seek for the best expert possible in town when it comes to removal and moving services.

There are a lot of professional business, office and even house removal and moving services in London and you can certainly make a choice from these establishments depending on your requirements and needs. First of all, you are not just moving out. You might think you will just beep someone you know that is in possession of a truck, hurl all your bulk of stuff in the truck and you are good to go — nowadays, moving out involves so much more than that. All that lifting and carryingare enough to sap the energy from you.

Some moving services such as hunts International removals provide guides to man and van options, self-storage, house removal solutions and removal tips and even practical and helpful moving hints and answers. You have to carry out a small research as regards this one in order to determine which services you’ll be needing for the d-day. You will surely call to consider pricing, storage,and packaging options. You have to consider time, effort and budget as well and there is certainly no better day to begin to brainstorm but today.

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April 4, 2017 5:48 am

Buy Real YouTube Views And Boost Your YouTube Tour Video Rankings

Nowadays, YouTube is widely regarded as one of the best social media platforms that are available for free viewing. These social media sites are a potent tool to promote and market any product or brand with the use of creative marketing plans. YouTube views are essential for companies and musicians alike. Since the advent of this huge video-sharing website, YouTube video views have turned average individuals into celebrities and superstars overnight, this is the main reason why you have to buy real YouTube views.

Brands and companies have soared in popularity and revenue by using the video uploading feature which YouTube is renowned for. Don’t be left out – make use of this potent video tool so as to get to fresh audiences and connect with the rest of the world as well. YouTube has the ability to open a lot of doors for models who are looking for job opportunities, actors who want to be cast for a major role and even recording artists seeking for a big record deal.

Whenever you buy real YouTube views, it is just a section of the factors that will make a video go viral. As a matter of fact, you could go viral without having to buy a single YouTube view, however, the chances are limited, and it becomes more difficult without that ”jumpstart.” If your marketing plan is only to get YouTube views and relax, then it is better that you don’t start the process at all. Viral videos have to be pushed, and by push,we mean additional online promotional boost.

Awesome content and high quality are compulsory always. The job of your video is to let the audience feel some purpose or emotion after viewing the video. It should make an individual feel like have to show it to a close relative or friend at once. Examples of viral videos are the ones that accelerate angry, sadness, or are very hilarious. Immediately you have the content, an additional publicity boost,plus the YouTube views momentum, then you are ready to go viral!

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April 4, 2017 5:48 am

Nuvella Skin Serum: Look Your Best on Holiday

Many anti-aging skin care brands in the market do not the necessary elements to treat secondary skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, ingrown hair and more. You will rather have to look out for other brands and that will lead you to you experimenting withmany brands until you find the particular brand that meets your needs. The review will be centered on Nuvella skincare; it is a quality skincare formula that meets the needs of a standard skincare in the market.

Nuvella Skin Serum – What is it?

Nuvella Skin Serum is a new addition to the anti-aging skin care industry, themanufacturer’s promises include skin enhancement and satisfaction with utilizing the array of formulas and creams they made available to the market at large. The makeup of the product shows its richness in omega3, which is responsible for complementing your skin health.

This brand guarantees skin treatments; these conditions include aging, redness, irritation, eczema and much more. In addition, this skin serum keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized by ensuring daily use.

The brand made so many lineups of product available in the market, thus making the brand develop to one of the most all-inclusive skin care systems available in the market. These products from the brand provide the benefits expected, this is a reliability of the brand at large.

Product Proven to work

The manufacturers of Nuvella Serum understand the effect of losing credibility in the skincare industry. They ensure all of the products available in the market have been tested repeatedly and trusted to provide the results it was manufactured for. Nuvella serum is proven to meet your skincare needs. Studies concentrated on its capability to get rid of eczema, improve psoriasis and phase out foot issues.

It is guaranteed that you get the best out of this product is only you use as directed and you utilize this product on a regular basis. The enhancement the skincare formula promises include: improved tone of the skin and elimination of skincare issues thereby giving you a smooth, clear and healthy skin.

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April 4, 2017 5:35 am

Take the QuGenix RX Anti-Aging Face Cream on Tour

Studies show how difficult it is to manage the effects of aging, most especially if one is guilty of paying less attention to their skin over the years. Formost aging skin care formula, it is a tedious task to alleviate the effects of neglecting your skin over the years, thus questioning their effectiveness. QuGenix RX is a new addition to the market. As guaranteed by the manufacturers, many customers confirm its reliability and effectiveness.

This non-conventional formula ensures your skin is provided with outstanding anti-aging elements. This is important so that you can maintain a youthful appearance that is guaranteed to last for years. Below entails some information that will educate you on QuGenix before you will be purchasing:

QuGenix Rx – What is it?

QuGenix RX is an age defying skincare formula that ensures the development of a youthful appearance. By adding this product to your daily cosmetics, the surface layer of your skin is provided with the support that helps in getting rid of fine lines, age spots, and your dead skin cells will be restored.

When compared with the competition in the market, QuGenix RX goes to the extra length to treat any symptom of aging. The added advantage of this product over others in the market is its extra skin treatment. It does not only treat skin aging, feedbacks from people establish the fact it treats other skin conditions, which include skin irritation, eczema, and redness.

Performance Supported by Clinical Trials

Before you purchase any skin care formula, it is very important that you consider if the effectiveness is verified by multiple clinical trials. QuGenix RX like any standard skincare product has been clinically tried to be effective for its primary treatment.

By regularly applying QuGenix on a regular basis, your skin surface experiences the following:

  • Reduction in the appearance of sagging and uneven skin.
  • Improved overall skin tone
  • Firm skin structure

The following enhancement to your skin reflects the effectivity of this skin care formula. It is very important you know that if you want to see the skin enhancement listed earlier, you have to use this product on a regular basis.

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April 4, 2017 5:34 am

6 Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard for that Vacation

It is very easy to get repulsed when shopping for a hoverboard, also referred to as a self-balancing scooter. Getting overwhelmed is a result of the many options available in the market, ranging from the vendors to the brands. Most hoverboardlook alike, they are not in any form equal. There is no doubt that many have the same external feature but it is rare finding two different brands with similar internal makeup. Below are few tips to educate you on if you are getting ripped or getting a good deal:

  1. Locate a Specialist. If you intend on purchasing a hoverboard from a store that specializes in hoverboards, there will be a high level of liability. Another advantage is that the price is always lower if compared to purchasing from classifieds.
  2. Uncover more about the Return Policy. 30 days is the standard return policy duration. For a company dealing with solid products, they offer a burly return policy. While going through any sellers return policy, if you find lesser than 30 days or no return policy at all; that is a red flag. You are at risk of buying a faulty product.
  3. Acquire a good battery. The battery ensures that your hoverboard Ensure an LG or Samsung battery powers your hoverboard. It is very important you get a very good battery, owing to the reliability and the durability. The aforementioned batteries are quite similar to one another; they will perk up to more charge cycles and are safer.
  4. Wheel size matters. If you intend on getting a hoverboard for outdoor use, you will have to consider a number of bumps and cracks you will confront. For most users, 8-inch wheels are perfect to meet outdoor needs because this is a decision that balances between portability and solace. On the other hand, if you intend utilizing your hoverboard indoor no much consideration will be made.
  5. Consider Replacement parts. Just in case you encounter some form of damage on your hoverboard, it is advised you have a company in affiliations with a factory that can discuss with the engineers about troubleshooting.
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April 4, 2017 5:29 am

Get ANew York Medical Malpractice Lawyer for Medical Tourism Issues

Anyone at any time can be a victim of medical malpractice, it could be as a result of the inappropriate prescription given or a wrong diagnosis by a medical practitioner. This results in the fact that any medical treatment or surgery that results to a severe complication; a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the medical professional. It is the primary assignment of most medical authorities to make available appropriate health care services for their patients. A New York medical malpractice lawyer is a good position to file a medical malpractice lawsuit on your behalf if your medical/health professional provides you a bottom-rung service that results in further medical complications.

You are advised to follow the advice below if you or any of your family members or loved ones have been a victim of Medical malpractice in New York City:

Step 1: If you feel uncomfortable after just immediately after you observed a surgery, confer another medical or health professional. Your consulting another medical or health professional ensures you getting checked and having his/her opinion on if the surgery performed by the previous doctor was a success or a medical mistake took place.

Step 2: Inquire about the legal history of your medical or health professional. Starting out with your inquiry, you can visit the New York State department of Health or better still visit their website for further information.

Step 3: In addition, investigate the legal history of cases similar to yours. Having completed the investigation and you have acquired the necessary information relevant to the state of your health; hire the service of a New York medical malpractice lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. You should also contact an attorney as the term personal injury circle around the medical malpractice.

Step 4: Be sincere with your lawyer, avoid hiding facts from him. Present accurate facts to him and do not assume that some information should not be reported to your attorney. Ensure your attorney carefully and patiently go through your medical records.

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April 4, 2017 5:29 am

Buy the Best Police Scanner for Your Travel Exploits

In today’s society, many people are entranced with the police, this prompts them to monitor the activities of the police force. These fascinated people do not only monitor the activities of the police force, the fire department and ambulance service activities are not blanked-out of their radar. The best police scanner is required to scrutinize the activities of these public bodies. They monitor the conversation by programming in local scanning codes, the monitoring activity is time-consuming because it lasts for hours. This is not a criminal act if they do not impede a crime scene.

Before purchasing a police scanner, it is advised that you understand what your needs are. This is important so that while selecting the best police scanner, your selection is centered on the scanner that will meet your needs. Below are some tips to look out for when shopping for a police scanner:

  1. Determine the features that you find relevant. This warrants you inspecting various brands and models of police scanners available in the market. Perceive what models and brands of police scanner are available in the market and which among the many specifically address your needs
  2. With the advancement of technology, recent police scanner guarantees a first-time user the ease to operate. Nevertheless, with the influx of the market with new scanners, there are still old models of scanners available in the market. It is advised that you avoid old models due to their less efficiency and its vague reception delivery.
  3. In addition, it is advised you purchase the best police scanner in the market. Look out for reviews of some brands and models on the internet to authenticate their reliability. If by any means you find a negative review or feedback of a brand. Having confirmed the authenticity of the negative feedback, avoid making a purchase of the brand. Have your budget in mind, just as the price of purchasing the scanner is important so also is the credibility of the brand and the delivery duration.
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April 4, 2017 5:28 am

TakeThe Best Outdoor Inflatable Water Slides On Tour

A great way to have your kids entertained within the confines of your residence or at any event/get-together all through the summer is getting an Outdoor Inflatable water slide. Outdoor inflatable water slides have the capacity to hold many kids. Selecting the best outdoor inflatable water slides among the options available in the market is a tedious task.

Banzai is the forerunner in the business of inflatable water slides with a variety of models to base your selection on. There are new entries into the industry of inflatable water slide, among the many include little tikes. Little tikes is a toy manufacturing company based in the USA. Their entry into the inflatable water slide industry welcomed a span of waterslides.

There are so many factors to consider before purchasing an inflatable water slide, but the one that is eminent is the examination of your backyard size. The size of this outdoor facility vary. The bigger the water slide the more the activities and a larger space will be required for installation. For smaller space backyards, the Double Drop falls is the most suitable. The Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure is the most appropriate for a very large back yard space. Regardless of the size difference, both of the choices guarantee fun for the kids. Another fact to be considered is the age of the children that will access this facility. Most water slides guarantee a greater level of entertainment for older children than younger children do.

In addition to the factors to consider before installing this outdoor facility is your budget. The price of an inflatable outdoor water slide range from $150 to $1500. A renowned brand in this price range is Benzai. One of its cheap model; the plunge can be purchased around $350 while the Jungle Blast Water Park which is quite large and with more activities goes for around $950.

If you need some more information that will make your selection of the best outdoor inflatable water slides less tedious. Kindly visit our website for more information.

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