We are pleased and happy to receive you to a delightful exciting activity of a lifetime!

Our way of thinking at Zajezdy Dovolena is that a really fulfilling vacation to an additional way of life should take in more than just taking in the places of interest.

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Each one of our themed trips and instructive tours are fashioned with the purpose of immersing our visitors in the traditions entirely – to make you become speechless with sensation at the loveliness of your ambiance and feel the kindness and fascination of the cities and the community in your souls. We desire for our guests to have remarkable experiences they will not be able to forget for the rest of their days on Earth, and leave this amazing, exquisite and wonderful place with the culture and traditions in their hearts.

Thailand - Phuket




We provide memorable moments

Nothing like most of others tour companies presenting vacations based on the World Wide Culture, we, beyond doubt, will throw yourself into you into on a daily basis locals’ life, not as a sightseer, but as an extensive component of our family unit, which has had a well-known attendance in this field for many decades. We are expert in bounce travel around operative in C6B journey buy and sell, and also connecting in outbound voyage with some particular attractive destination within continents and seas.
We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have shared a natural life flanked by astonishing countries and traditions. As a local of one of the most attractive place made available by our agency, it seats me in the only one of its kind spot of being capable to please my guests with the vacation of their dreams. We are about to take you to some hidden villages where the locals greet and receive you into their homes and families with open arms and warm souls. By picking a dream holiday with our company, Zajezdy Dovolena, you are assured to visit some special places, get together with incredible genuine people, and involve yourself in exceptional activities shaped purposely for our groups that desire to cross their limits and go far away from the actions accessible to the community.

Zajedy Dovolena

O ur furthermost happiness, pleasure and reward is bearing in mind the fact that one can see the joy and happiness on your face

while you are here, in the heart of the unknown, watching you enjoying your holiday to the fullest, and talking and sharing your once in a lifetime incredible experience! We are preparing you great surprises, nothing dangerous but still thrilling, days spent with young and full of life locals as well as old and wise tribe leaders which will have a special story for each and every one of you.

We will help find the perfect holidays for you!

January 9, 2017 5:46 pm

Best 3 Protein Powders for Women

Extensively used by men and renowned for their muscle building capabilities, protein products are now thriving among women. Assisting in the building of lean muscle and reduction of body fat by increasing the metabolic rate of the body, protein powders for women yield more benefits for fat loss than a decreased calorie diet. Through the adoption of the finest protein powder for women, attaining a healthy and fit body will be much easier because it increases satiety and derives energy from essential nutrients. After the great reviews we got from our article on the Top 10 Protein Powder Supplements for Women, we bring you a condensed review of the top three.


This is a protein shake specially designed for women. It delivers 20g of 100 percent Whey Protein Isolate per serving to boost lean muscle mass. Made up of the distinctive IdealFit Recovery Blend that includes Acai, L-Glutamine, Blueberry, and Mangosteen, IdealLean can aid your body towards a quick recovery from every training session ensuring that you get toned muscle and lean results.


Specially designed to be a top choice of protein for women, this supplement is a low-calorie formulation containing useful micronutrients for developing a healthy physique. With 24g of top-quality protein isolate in addition to Zero fats, Zero sugar, and Zero carbs, the Sexy Whey is the ideal after-workout recovery supplement and lean muscle builder.


This supplement makes the most of the benefits of protein that can give women an advantage through hydrolyzed 100 percent isolate of whey protein. Designed to boost the absorption of protein, it offers 5.5g of BCAAs and 25g of protein per serving without lactose or gluten. With a formula that supports the prompt delivery of the most advanced and efficient proteins direct to the muscle, this supplement may be able to build and repair muscles quicker which could lead to the possibility of attaining fitness targets sooner, rather than later.

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December 25, 2016 4:26 pm

Travel websites, Typography and Free Fonts

There is obviously a psychology to how people perceive fonts and same goes for fonts employed on websites that are travel-related. Typography can be regarded as an essential aspect of any design. It’s certainly one of the most important features of every design project. However, more often than not, it’s the aspect of the design that is done last, or hardly given any consideration. Designers are often overwhelmed by typography, basically due to the fact that there are a lot of options between free fonts and paid fonts, and this can lead to designers resorting to one or two “consistent” typefaces in designs or a bland typography design.

The aim of this article is to give information about typography and where designers should start from in making the right choices. This basically touches on the different kinds of typefaces, the difference between fonts and typefaces, as well as the fundamental structure of a typeface.

The difference between Fonts and Typefaces?

Many people use the terms “fonts” and “typefaces” interchangeably. However, they are quite different from one another. A typeface represents a set of typographical characters and symbols. It’s the numbers, letters, and other characters that enable us to write down words on paper or place them on screen. On the other hand, a font is conventionally defined as the total character set in a typeface, usually of a certain style or size. Fonts can also be regarded as specific computer files that encompass all of the glyphs and characters within a typeface. When a lot of people talk about “fonts”, they are actually referring to typefaces, or type families (groups of typefaces having related designs).

Categorizing Type

There are a couple of different ways to classify type families and typefaces. They are mostly categorized by technical style; for instance, serif, script, sans-serif, display, etc. The great thing is, there are always different types of free fonts to choose from in these categories. Typefaces are also categorized by some other technical terms like monospaced vs. proportional, or by definitions that are more fluid and interpretational, such as the frame of mind they generate.


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December 25, 2016 4:23 pm

Travel website reviews – The JAMB 2017 Experience

Reviews of online products and services have caused a shift in the influence of transactions away from the provider over to the consumer, ensuring that companies delivering excellent customer experience and service as seen with JAMB 2017 are rewarded while the others find it difficult to cope. Within the travel industry, there are companies delivering millions of client judgements across providers that realize the value of being in the customer’s good books.

However, some travel websites do not apply the value and lessons of customer reviews to themselves, thereby giving their customers reviews from a travel provider and not one based on the role they’ve performed in the process of the customer’s travel experience. Travel agencies that don’t support online customer reviews are losing out on the opportunity to offer a significant value proposition. According to a recent research, 61% of potential clients read online reviews during the process of deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Thus, any e-commerce website seeking for sustained success need to respect the power wielded by such customer behavior. Every travel agency selling big tickets along with highly personalized travel services and products should be aware of the valuable impact derived from positive online reviews.

Significance of Online Reviews

Website Traffic Increases: All travel agency websites desire a bigger organic footprint and larger numbers of unique visitors on the internet. Because search engines prioritize and value unique content that is updated continually as is the case with JAMB 2017, travel agency websites carrying new, fresh content have the tendency to go up SERPs and, subsequently, attract more clients to the site and its accompanying travel technology.

Revenue Increases: It’s possible that travel agencies without reviews on their sites see them as being only important to the eventual provider like the tour operator, hotel or air carrier, instead of the agent “stationed” between the customer and those providers. However, reviews are powerful for one key reason; they possess the ability to remove all the lingering doubts a client may have about a service or company.


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December 25, 2016 4:17 pm

Travel Safety Tips for Men - Frauen Ansprechen

Can a man possibly travel the world alone and stay safe? Unquestionably. It doesn’t really matter if you go to a developing country or don’t speak the language, or don’t have the necessary skills for frauen ansprechen, it is possible to travel independently and safely around the world, more tips on frauen ansprechen you can find at streetgamecoach.de. The most important thing is to make your safety a priority while traveling. Here is a list of travel tips to go by;

  1. Study Your Destination Properly Before the Trip – For a lot of travelers, researching and planning can be almost as enjoyable as the actual travel. While you’re checking out the coolest cities and beautiful beaches, be sure to look up some safety information for your destination. What neighborhoods are the best and which ones should you avoid? Should you prepare for any local health issues? What’s the situation like at night? These are just a few of the numerous questions you need to get answers for before heading out.
  2. Ensure Your Valuables Are Always On You – While it’s a well-known fact that you shouldn’t take valuables with you in transit, there are still a couple of valuable things you can’t do without; your smartphone, tablet, laptop, DSLR cameras with the expensive lenses etc. You should always carry a bag where you can fit all your valuable items. Never lose sight of them, never put them in your checked luggage on the plane, and never put them in the bus luggage hold.
  3. Get Travel Insurance – This could be a life saver and with the internet and a myriad of online providers, you don’t really have an excuse no to get one. Travel insurance will come in handy when you lose your luggage, get caught up in a natural disaster or need to visit a hospital, your expenses will be reimbursed.
  4. Watch Your Drinking – Men usually love to drink but you still need to be careful because when you drink too much your reaction time is slower and your senses are not as sharp as they should be. And when you get drunk frauen ansprechen becomes virtually impossible.


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December 25, 2016 4:14 pm

Testosterone Boost: Traveling with the Anabolic rx24 Supplements

For those who travel a lot, taking a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or a supplement such as the anabolic rx24 and having the right hormone levels allows for a completely enjoyable travel experience. Lack of energy and low fatigue are some of the symptoms of low testosterone. So, availing yourself the proper testosterone regimen provides you with sufficient energy to get involved in activities such as surfing and hiking, sightseeing, squeezing in a short visit to one of the landmarks at your destination, and a host of other activities that you would otherwise not have been able to do.

However, one issue with taking a TRT with you on a trip is that the HCG which is important to the TRT needs to be refrigerated for its potency can be retained. Here are some through which you can do this successfully;

Diabetes Travel Kit: This is a cold gel pack that allows you to keep your HCG cold. They are usually available online and after some hours of refrigeration, they can keep the HCG cold for as much as 12 – 24 hours, which should be sufficient to see you through most local and international journeys.

Get A Hotel With A Refrigerator: Call the hotel before making a booking. You can also email them to find out if the room has a working refrigerator. Most times it’s always a yes, and for added security, it’s always a good idea to let them know that you’re taking medication that needs refrigeration and they’ll be glad to oblige.

Get A Cooling Wallet: A cooling wallet keeps your medication cold for as much as 45 hours. All you have to do is just immerse the cooling wallet in cool water for about 10 – 15 minutes. It is quite handy for an extended camping trip or on a visit to a place where you can’t access a refrigerator.

These solutions will ensure that your medications are cool and potent, and if you’re taking along your anabolic rx24 supplements, you wouldn’t have much to worry about.


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December 25, 2016 4:12 pm

Singapore Travel – Wallpaper Singapore

In search of ideas about what to do and things to see in Singapore? There are a lot of fun-filled suggestions on the official destination website to keep you entertained and busy during your visit. There are a lot of fantastic things about Singapore, and their famous wallpapers is just one of them. In considering Wallpaper Singapore, you should never underrate the potential of wallcoverings. Here are five myths about wallpapers to consider.

Myth 1- Paints provide more variety: A lot of people are of the belief that paints offer an extensive range of options but in reality, wallpapers offer more variety. They exist in a wide range of shades, colors, textures, sizes, and materials, so there’s no limit to your creativity.

Myth 2 – Durability: There’s a usual fallacy that wallpapers will tear up quickly and that they are not long-lasting. Top quality wallpapers will definitely stand up to the rigors of use and last longer. Vinyl wallpapers, a type II wallpaper regarded as suitable for use in areas with high traffic such as public spaces, corridors, schools, etc. is easy to clean, scrubbable, and resistant to humidity, grease, and heat, making it a clever choice for bathrooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms, and family rooms.

Myth 3 – Wallpapers are not fire resistant: The major benefit from the present-day wallcoverings is that they have fire-resistant features. They are safe as they do not catch fire.

Myth 4 – Wallpapers are only for decorations: Some wallpapers are designed for use on panels, vertical surfaces, operable walls, and any other places where sound reduction is required such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, auditoriums as well as elevator lobbies and corridors.

Myth 5 – Wallpapers are not eco-friendly: Materials used in Wallpaper Singapore come in numerous options. Most have very low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) emissions which have long evaporated before the wallpaper even enters a room. These emissions are really environmentally friendly and considerably lower than paint.


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December 25, 2016 4:10 pm

Need a Holiday Home? Things You Should Know About a Mortgage Broker

There’s a huge possibility that you’ve heard the term mortgage broker in your travels, but you can’t figure out how it blends in with your plans of buying the holiday home of your dreams. If that’s the case then here’s some good news for people who don’t know anything about mortgage brokers. You’re about to discover that you can shave off a lot of money off the cost of your holiday home through lower interest rates.

Here are a few pointers about mortgage brokers.

Acts as A Middleman: The job of a mortgage broker is to work in your service with the aim of finding the best mortgage possible for you. Rather than going through the chaos of mortgage lending all alone, a mortgage broker does that for you. They also do the legwork, seeing to the huge pile of paperwork that comes with getting a mortgage.

Their Work is Commission-Based: Well, it goes without saying that they’ll have to get paid since they work for you. There is a standard fee for mortgage brokers which stands at one percent of the loan amount, although it’s also possible for a no-fee mortgage to be negotiated. A “”no fee” mortgage means the bank, rather than you, would be paying for their services.

They are like a Caretaker for Your Loan: You might not like the idea of a one percent fee, but you must consider the fact that they could negotiate a lower interest rate on the mortgage thereby saving you money. And when it comes to processing your loan, they can be very useful.

It’s Best To Find One Through A Referral: It’s best to find a mortgage broker by seeking a recommendation from family and friends. Ask the opinion of people who have had past dealings with mortgage brokers.


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December 25, 2016 4:04 pm

Best Bags for Travel – Kenzo Pas Cher

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, or going by air or on the road, you need very good luggage that can handle the travel stress and a good place to start would be to check out some kenzo pas cher. Here is a quick look at different types of bags small and large bags suitable for every traveler.

The Carry-On – This is a lightweight suitcase that is ideal because it’s easy to lift with a 360-degree, 4-wheel system which makes it quite easy for you to efficiently weave it around crowds.

The Backpack – This is not the usual rucksack used back in elementary school. The backpack should have an approved laptop section that zips out making it unnecessary to take out your laptop during the security check at the airport. The price is seriously worth it because of its functionality and durability in addition to its ability to take the place of smaller duffle bags or stow-away luggage.

The Duffle – Usually made for short-term travel such as a weekend getaway or quick business trip. Its compartments are compact enough to ensure you stay organized and there’s a shoe pocket which ensures that your other items are kept clean.

The Rolling Duffle – This is a super-capacity, heavy-duty duffle which is easy to pull through all terrains, roll through airports, and stuff into the overhead storage. And due to the fact that the fabric it’s made from is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant, it has the toughness to withstand all kinds of unruly weather. This is ideal for people who fly a lot.

The Garment Bag – Business meetings, conferences, high-school reunions, weddings, you want that sharp appearance in your suit and the kenzo pas cher. So you wouldn’t want your suit to be wrinkled in a normal suitcase. A tough garment bag keeps your garments crease-free so you can put them on as soon as you get off the plane.


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December 25, 2016 3:58 pm

Air Travel with your Best Air Rifle

Flying can be very stressful these days. And if you’re flying with your best air rifle then the stress significantly increases with officials not knowing the current regulations regarding air guns. Plan your arrival at the airport for some hours before the flight, so as to give yourself enough time to reduce possible complications.

It’s important that you declare your air gun at the baggage check-in point because it will definitely be found when your bag is searched or x-rayed which could lead to you being arrested or missing your flight.

While your air gun is technically not a firearm, it is advisable to go by the firearms regulation requiring that firearms be kept in a locked case.

Always have a copy of the guide showing permitted and prohibited items (especially the section that talks about firearms and air guns) handy. Place a copy in your gun case for reference whenever you’re dealing with immigration or airline personnel.

You could also add a letter written to the immigration authorities in your gun case alongside the air gun. The letter should contain details about who you are, your destination, reasons for going (probably for a competition), and a working cell phone number they can reach you on in case they have any questions.

One other source of concern when flying with an air gun is the CO2 or detachable compressed air cylinders. A lot of air guns come with two cylinders, there are a spare one and the main one attached to the gun. The assumption is that you need to take the two cylinders with you when traveling. However, immigration personnel will always question the spare cylinder.

The regulations on cylinders are not quite clear. Obviously, the main one is fine as it’s attached to your best air rifle, which is permitted. The spare cylinder, however, is not. And since cylinder failures are a rarity, a lot of sportspersons rather than go through the hassles with immigration, just leave the spare one at home.

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