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December 25, 2016
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Singapore Travel – Wallpaper Singapore

In search of ideas about what to do and things to see in Singapore? There are a lot of fun-filled suggestions on the official destination website to keep you entertained and busy during your visit. There are a lot of fantastic things about Singapore, and their famous wallpapers is just one of them. In considering Wallpaper Singapore, you should never underrate the potential of wallcoverings. Here are five myths about wallpapers to consider.

Myth 1- Paints provide more variety: A lot of people are of the belief that paints offer an extensive range of options but in reality, wallpapers offer more variety. They exist in a wide range of shades, colors, textures, sizes, and materials, so there’s no limit to your creativity.

Myth 2 – Durability: There’s a usual fallacy that wallpapers will tear up quickly and that they are not long-lasting. Top quality wallpapers will definitely stand up to the rigors of use and last longer. Vinyl wallpapers, a type II wallpaper regarded as suitable for use in areas with high traffic such as public spaces, corridors, schools, etc. is easy to clean, scrubbable, and resistant to humidity, grease, and heat, making it a clever choice for bathrooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms, and family rooms.

Myth 3 – Wallpapers are not fire resistant: The major benefit from the present-day wallcoverings is that they have fire-resistant features. They are safe as they do not catch fire.

Myth 4 – Wallpapers are only for decorations: Some wallpapers are designed for use on panels, vertical surfaces, operable walls, and any other places where sound reduction is required such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, auditoriums as well as elevator lobbies and corridors.

Myth 5 – Wallpapers are not eco-friendly: Materials used in Wallpaper Singapore come in numerous options. Most have very low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) emissions which have long evaporated before the wallpaper even enters a room. These emissions are really environmentally friendly and considerably lower than paint.


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