Buying the Best Drill Press 2017: Essential Questions to Ask Before a Purchase

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Buying the Best Drill Press 2017: Essential Questions to Ask Before a Purchase

Almost every woodworker will tell you that the best drill press 2017 is compulsory. You may be an avid ‘DIY’er (Do It Yourself) type of person who loves to create and make things in and around your house or a weekend hobbyist who likes to make things from wood and other light materials. Or maybe you are an expert who makes a living from woodworking or making use of other light materials. Either way, a drill press is one of the machines you won’t be able to live without.

These are just some of the questions you would like to ask yourself before you opt for a new drill press. Here we go:

Do I need a floor or a bench drill press?

Well, that’s mainly dependent on the space you have. Do you have a small workshop or a big workshop? Do you have space for only a small-sized drill press, or for a full-sized one? Floor drill presses usually have more weight and are more costly though they’re accompanied by more features and extra power under the hood.

How powerful does it have to be?

This is dependent on what you’ll be using your press for. If you happen to be a hobbyist woodworker and would sparingly use the press – weekends for instance – then you won’t be needing a powerful unit. However, if you would always be using the press – like every day – then you’ll have to get a more powerful press to handle your heavy-duty needs.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you normally get what you pay for. Inexpensive presses are great if they’re used for smaller projects and the workload is not that much. However, you’ll want to opt for the best drill press 2017 if you want durability, as well as a drill press that would be able to handle your heavy workload needs.

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