Wow Your Guests by Presenting Food on Slate Plates

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Wow Your Guests by Presenting Food on Slate Plates

Presenting food in a manner that would make it aesthetically inviting to your guests is crucial to the positive outcome of any dinner party. For the purpose of this article here, we examine some of the possible ways that you could mesmerise your friends and offer you with a few tips on how you could impress your guests when next you entertain them.

Several people are of the belief that how food is presented is just as vital as how it tastes. Presentation, surely has an effect on how food is perceived, because let us be truthful if food is just served on a plate with little or no thought on how it looks, the food doesn’t get you salivating.

The plain truth is that we eat food with our eyes long before it gets to our mouths and when you are given a plate of food that’s laid out in an artistic way and looks as though the chef/cook has taken his or her time to display the food to its best effect, your mouth is salivating before you even taste it.

Effective and efficient food presentation begins before the food is prepared. It should begin with thinking about the end result you would like to achieve and therefore how you would like the individual ingredients to be on the plate. This could impact the way that meat is cut or tied so that it would be displayed to its best effect when it’s cooked.

One way to make your special occasion or dinner party memorable is to use innovative or different crockery to exhibit your food to best effect.

Slate is becoming renowned as a way to decorate a table and functions well with all food types. It is available in different colours, with black being the most fashionable. Slate could be utilised directly as plates or place mats. When used in this manner, the slate is normally coated with a food safe finish that seals the normally porous surface.

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