Beard Care Tips from Grooming Adepts

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December 1, 2017
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Beard Care Tips from Grooming Adepts

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie – pay serious attention to the beard. Treat the beard, in the same manner, you would treat the hair on your head. There are a few steps involved here, according to the Grooming Adepts professionals.

First – Wash your facial hair when you take your bath – treat the beard nicely, lather the facial hair up, massage, get the dirt and oils trapped below and rinse it out.

Second – when you are done in the shower use a comb with lean teeth and brush your facial hair downwards before it dries up. Ensure that you clear out tangles, and groom it in a nice way.

Thirdly – apply a conditioner or an oil – if you have something specifically made for facial hairs, all the better, and apply it evenly into your beard.

Fourth – don’t give in to the temptation to scratch your facial like it is the itchiest place in the world. Learn to ignore your itchy beard or use a soft cloth to cater to your itch rather than dig your nails into your itchy facial hair.

Fifth – relax – your beard can grow in a natural and easy way, you don’t have to look after it at all times. Every other day represents a very good schedule. Don’t over-brush, don’t overdo it. Take it easy with your facial hair.

Other beard care tips to remember:

If you want to have a lustrous beard that makes you look like a real man, then you should also remember to care for it properly. This is because you will need to ensure that your beard is actually healthy and looks good if you want to look attractive with your beard. If you do not take care of your beard, then it would just end up looking ugly. Therefore, an improperly taken care of beard will actually hurt your appearance rather than harm it. So you should always follow these tips regularly if you want to have a nicer-looking beard.

1. Use beard shampoo and conditioner

Part of taking care of your beard is keeping it clean, and that means that you need to shampoo it regularly. You probably already use shampoo to clean the hair on your head, right? So why not also use beard shampoo too? Using that kind of hair care product for your beard is going to keep it clean, free from oils, and also smelling as clean as possible.

Shampooing your hair is only the first phase of keeping it clean. You should also use a beard hair conditioner. This is because if you only shampoo your beard hair then that will make it dry and brittle. And that will obviously not be a good look for your beard. If you really want to make it look as good as possible, then using a beard conditioner is the way to go.

2. Finish with some beard oil too

It is not enough to shampoo and condition your beard, you should also use some beard oil as well. Beard oil will moisturize, nourish and protect your beard. Plus, applying some beard oil can also keep your facial hair from smelling bad as well. And if you have trouble maintaining a healthy beard, using some oil products can help you fix that problem.

3. Have a beard comb and trimmer

You also need to have the right beard care accessories too. You need to comb it regularly, so you need a specific comb for it. A beard hair comb is good to use because its bristles are the right size to make sure that your beard is combed properly. And you will also need to keep your beard neatly trimmed, for which you need a special trimmer. Having both of those beard care accessories is a must if you have got a lengthy beard.

4. Sleep and eat right

Your overall physical health will also affect the way that your beard looks. If you are stressed, have you noticed that the hair on your head gets stringy looking? Well, the same thing can happen to the hair in your beard as well. What you do to your body can definitely have a big impact on your beard hair. If you lack sleep or if you are stressed out, that will also affect your beard hair too. The foods that you eat can also affect the way that your beard hair looks. You should try to eat foods that are rich in biotin if you want to have a fuller and healthier beard.

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