Essentials of Email Analytics with Shiftmail

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December 1, 2017
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December 1, 2017

Essentials of Email Analytics with Shiftmail

Email Analytics are the reports put together by an Email Service Provider such as Shiftmail that reveals the rate at which your subscribers interact with your email. It reveals that your emails get opened, email links are clicked and that traffic gets to your site via your emails. Email Analytics has the ability to help you boost your content in addition to providing your subscribers with more value. You can determine the Email Analytics for your Campaign generally and for every email. The following are a few Metrics to consider when analyzing your Email Campaigns.

Sales Rate – The main purpose of initiating an email list is to develop your business and make more money. If you would like to determine how much revenue you get via your emails, you have to track the clicks in the email to your sales page.

Open Rate – For people to be aware of the awesome offers in your Emails, they need to open the emails you send to them. Let me take your breath away with a few stats. A huge amount of marketing emails are sent out on a daily basis, and on the average, each person gets more than 147 marketing emails daily. For people to be aware of what you are capable of, you need to grab attention beginning with the subject line.


Your email campaign needs to have some form of follow up to missed sales in the past. These follow-ups can help you convince your previous customers to perhaps purchase the products and services that you have on sale. For example, if a customer has had a specific item on their wish list or shopping cart, then this could be an effective way for you to ensure that they will buy that product in the future. In most cases where you have a follow-up to a missed sale, you will be able to land that sale in the future.

Discount offer

If you are going to send a marketing email that will solicit purchases from customers then you need to offer them something in that email. Including some kind of discount would be the most effective way for you to do that. You could show your customers how much they would actually be able to save if they purchase your product at a discount. You could even offer a price comparison for the emails that you have got if you want to show off just how much your customers would be able to save if they choose your product over your competitors. Having some kind of discount offer included in your marketing email is the way to go if you want to get more sales.

Responsive design

Your marketing email must be designed well. Specifically, it should be responsive to the needs and wants of your customers. Try to take into account the preferences of your target customers when it comes to design. You should then try to incorporate that kind of data into your own email design. The overall look and layout of your marketing email can influence the final decisions of your customers.

Call to action

You should always have a call to action in whatever kind of promotional material that your business is trying to market. This is because some form of a call to action would be the main way that you would be able to actually get people to buy your product. And in your marketing email, it is the call to action that will decide whether or not you actually will land a sale through your email. So try and include a clear call to action.

Strong subject lines

The subject line of the email must be strong enough to capture the attention of your key audience. This is because if you actually want them to click on the email, then showing them a subject line that they can click on would be the main draw to the email in the first place. The subject line in your email should ideally have some form of a call to action. Or at the very least it should sum up all of the ideas in the email. This is because nine times out of ten, your customers will decide whether or not they will click on the email unless it has got some kind of subject line that entices them to buy whatever you are offering.

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