SerpStream: Improve Your PageRank to Enhance Google SERP Rank

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SerpStream: Improve Your PageRank to Enhance Google SERP Rank

There are different opinions concerning the terms PageRank (PR) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A lot of people say that these two are completely independent, different and are not related with one another while others are of the opinion that they are directly related, as one decreases the other decreases and as one increases the other one increases as well. One doesn’t have to be a professional in SEO to explain the difference, relation, and relevance of these two terms. According to the professionals on SERPStream, one has got to be open-minded and know the algorithm that’s presented by the Google Corporate Technology.

What is SERP?

SERP is listing of Web pages returned or revealed by Search Engines (Google in this situation) as a result of searches initiated by Internet users. Google reveals a list of websites (normally ten per page) that is considered relevant depending on the search keywords entered by the Internet users.

What is PageRank?

So now let us define what is PR or PageRank. Stated briefly, PR represents a trademark of Google, it belongs to Google only and it is employed to rank websites to reveal their quality, popularity and important on the Internet. Valuation of PR is all about quality links referring to a particular website.

Any person that is using Google and other similar search engines will always try to open the links in the top positions of those search engine results. So if your site has got a high Google SERP, then you can expect a lot more visits to your links and sites. And that will definitely translate into more revenue for your site. If your site is also in the top position on SERP rankings then you can also expect a higher credibility for your site as well. Specifically, what this means is that your site will get a higher authority ranking from Google itself.

Think about the last time that you used a search engine. There are a ton of links that will pop up on the first search page ranking alone. And chances are you will click on the results that are on the highest results in Google. And chances are you will also probably only click on the links on the first few pages of Google’s search results as well. If your own site had a high ranking on Google’s SERP, then you can expect that other people would behave in the same way. They are way more likely to end up clicking on your site and actually reading your content if you are high enough in the search ranking of Google and other search engines.

Tens of thousands of web searches happen every second. That means that there are billions of web searches being done every day. And that is only a conservative estimate of just how many searches are done on the web daily. With so many people actually using Google to search for a keyword, there is bound to be a specific keyword niche that you can beat others in. And if you corner the market on that specific keyword niche, then you are definitely going to earn more revenue through your website.

And the only way that you can dominate a specific keyword niche is if your site has got a high SERP ranking in a certain keyword or phrase. Therefore, it would be really good for the marketing of your site if you made use of SEO to boost your site’s SERP. Again it must be repeated, if your site had a high SERP, then you are definitely going to benefit from a lot more clicks! And that is only a good thing for your business on the web.


In the web industry of SEO, nothing matters more than the SERP of a website. Google creates their own SERP and it is up to your business to analyze and decide how to make the most out of your site’s content and boost its SERP ranking. You may want to work with an SEO expert or specialist if you want to increase the SERP ranking of your site. It may be the only way that you can give your website a competitive edge in the crowded market on the internet. So try and look for a web marketing agency to help your site with SEO and its SERP ranking on Google.

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