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At Zajezdy Dovolena Travel Agency we desire to be sure that your journey is exactly what you could probably dream of. If you want encouragement and direction in setting up your next exciting activity we are the first one you need to contact or if you need aid with an open booking our travel personnel is here to advice you.

Give us a call or just send us an email to help you get your tickets flights, plan your journey or obtain guidance with any issue you come across along the way. Or even better if you are in Sierra Nevada, you can pay us a visit in store to have a nice talk about the trip of your dreams. Our support does not end when you book your tickets. Our Worldwide Journey Help group is ready and available to give a hand with any problem you have once your voyage begins…

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If you meet an inconvenient for the duration of your vacation, please let somebody know and by someone we mean the appropriate provider (e.g. accommodation) right away. They are supposed to fix the problem but if they are unable to solve the issue, please without delay get in touch with us in the United States, both through the agency where you prepared your planning, or through via email or phone. If you are unsuccessful to contact us well-timed, we will not be allowed the chance to look into your objection and effort to put right any mistake while you are absent and this may have an effect on your civil rights under this contract.


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